List of Accomplishments


  • Introduced ​Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District Transparency motion, turned it into an ordinance, and​ distributed for comment to all Community Councils and CDCs.
  • Working on ​Affordable Housing Trust Fund implementing ordinance:​ laying out details on administration, who can apply, what funds can be used for, and governing board.
  • Will continue to push to meet ​human services​ funding targets: ​1.3% of general fund in FY 2021
  • Human Services: ​successfully advocated to keep United Way on as administrator of City human services funds to avoid disruption in funding for critical services.


  • FY 2020 Budget Success

    • We completed the often arduous and dramatic process of finalizing City Council’s final changes to the City’s budget with unprecedented efficiency.
    • I was proud to fulfill my 2017 promise to ​fund human services at 1.2% of the general fund ​this year.
    • I also successfully advocated for a one-time ​disbursement to Bethany House to support its purchase of land for a new shelter facility for families in need of housing​.
    • In this year’s carryover budget, I was proud to gain Council’s support to provide ​$102,500 to the West End Trauma Recovery Center ​to support Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses and the Port Authority’s rehabilitation of a standalone facility for the Center.
    • I was also happy to ​champion $15,000 in matching funds for a crosswalk at Ormond and Ludlow Avenue to help keep​ pedestrians safe in Clifton’s bustling business district.
  • Affordable Housing

    • We passed an ​ordinance regulating short term rentals ​in Cincinnati, including a ​tax on short term rentals earmarked for affordable housing.​
    • We ​earmarked $611,000 in capital funds for affordable housing based on the estimated short term rental tax revenue.
    • We also ensured that ​an additional $700,000 in capital funds was dedicated to an account to be used for affordable housing.​
    • I sponsored a ​resolution in support of the LISC and Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF)-led Citywide Housing Strategy initiative​.
  • Casework

    • We made efforts to address ​traffic-related issues ​dealing with speeding and congestion throughout the City.
    • Aided a homeowner in acquiring an abandoned City-owned parcel of land next to her property;
    • Got several City departments involved to address a chronic flooding problem for a homeowner;
    • Led the effort to get decades-old asphalt sidewalks replaced with concrete in front of several properties;
    • Advocated for residents throughout the City to replace missing or downed signage;
    • Helped resolve a number of issues at Sayler ParkSchool, including installation of speed bumps and landscape maintenance near the school.
  • Urban Agriculture

    • After over two years of painstaking review, I successfully championed an initiative to ​revise the City’s zoning code to be more permissive of urban agriculture.
    • The changes make it ​easier for residents and businesses to keep animals for farming purposes, create community gardens, and compost.​
    • This will allow residents and businesses to produce more fresh, healthy food for Cincinnatians, often helping to ease the negative impacts of food deserts for citizens with limited mobility.


  • Budget

    • Successfully championed a proposal to secure ​$500,000 in capital funds for Bethany House, a wonderful nonprofit that provides​ housing for families in need, to purchase land where it will build a new structure to house all of its guests, staff and activities.
    • Administration ​disbursed $500,000 that I secured for Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation (NEST) in December​ 2017, allowing NEST to purchase a key property for neighborhood development.
  • Casework

    • We received over 100 requests for help. Here is a sample of problems we were able to resolve to improve citizens’ safety and quality of life;
    • Removing abandoned vehicles in a number of neighborhoods;
    • Holding property owners throughout the City accountable for removing trash, litter and debris that created an eyesore for their neighbors.

As you know, I have served this community as councilman, mayor, member of congress and, most recently, as vice mayor and chair of the budget and finance committee. In this most challenging time of unrest and the coronavirus, experience and wisdom count more than ever before. Humbly, I believe that my years of public service have prepared me to be mayor in this particularly challenging moment. I ask for your help on this journey. If you can help with your time and talents, please contact me…

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