Our beloved City has taken incredible hits in recent months with three out of nine members of council indicted on serious federal charges.  The highest priority for the next Mayor of Cincinnati must be to restore honor at City Hall.  We must institute safeguards which make graft, bribery and illegal conduct by members of council and any city employee as rare as possible.  Even more important, we must build on these measures to earn back the trust and respect of all Cincinnatians. Until we have done so, we cannot move forward in the ways which are essential.

With our house in order, we can pursue these additional goals:

  • STOP CORRUPTION.  David wrote the legislation creating the blue ribbon panel just appointed to review how business is done at city hall.  It will recommend safeguards to minimize corruption by council members.  Under David’s leadership, these changes will be put into effect as rapidly as possible.
  • BRIDGE THE GAP.   Time’s up:  we must address racial disparities in our community whether in health, employment, education, criminal justice, life expectancy, childhood poverty, infant mortality or any of the other measures that so dramatically confirm that we continue as a Tale of Two Cities—one black and one white.
  • REDUCE CRIME.  We are losing too many young men and women to senseless shootings.  Youth employment opportunities must be expanded and efforts to reach out and provide a path of hope to our youth must be a priority.
  • IMPROVE POLICE-COMMUNITY RELATIONS.  This community was challenged by Timothy Thomas’ police involved death in 2001.  Rioting occurred and calls for reform were loud and insistent.  The ensuing Collaborative Agreement supervised by a local federal judge resulted in major reforms in Cincinnati policing, making Cincinnati’s police department a national model.  We must build on our successes and do even better for our community.
  • ADDRESS PANDEMIC DAMAGE. As mayor, David will create a new office devoted exclusively to planning and carrying out post pandemic initiatives for our citizens and businesses.

To me, public service is a critical calling.  It matters who serves and the integrity with which they do so.  I count my twenty seven years of elected service as a great privilege.  I have tried every day of my work to make smart, thoughtful decisions in the public interest as God has given me the wisdom and courage to do so.  In all things political, balance is critical as we navigate a correct path given competing arguments and interests.

My experience, talents and reputation for collaboration are well suited to leading a council which will be one of the least experienced and youngest in history.  I offer stability at a moment when it is most needed at City Hall.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Cincinnati, OH 45202
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