Jason Williams of the Enquirer devoted an entire January 28 column to the question of David’s running for Mayor.   A few excerpts follow:

David “would instantly be a serious contender.  He’s been a constant presence on the Cincinnati political scene for nearly a half century, and Mann has the trust and respect of [the] electorate.”

“It’s important voters and citizens know that he has been one of the few true public servants on the most uncivil and dysfunctional councils in modern Cincinnati political history.”

“He comes from an era of city politics where civility and good-government ruled the day.”

Howard Wilkinson was also quite complimentary in a January 29 WVXU column:

Meanwhile, speculation about a possible candidacy has centered around a legendary figure in Cincinnati City Hall, Democrat David Mann, who has served as mayor twice before in the 1980’s and 1990’s . . .  the truth is, he seems to have more energy than many men half his age.  His shock of pure white hair is something he has had for decades, but it’s not a bad reminder to the public that this is a person of substance who has been around the block and back.  He’s no kid.  He’s most definitely an adult.”

As Amy Murray recently departed Council for her new post in Washington, she was incredibly generous in her public comments about David at her last council meeting:

David Mann, I think you are what everyone should aspire to be. Truly, you are the epitome of what is a great public servant and whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Charter, or Independent you just vote on what you think is right.  You partner with people for the right reasons and I really have always looked up to you for what I think is just doing the right thing.  No one ever questions why you do something and I really appreciate your leadership for this city and for the country in the past decades.

Jerry Springer – Cincinnati Enquirer April 23, 2020:

“I would support David Mann for whatever he ran for because there’s no conceivable way David Mann would make an irrational decision,” Springer said. “He is like if you ran to your father for advice. Add to his demeanor and his rationality, his intelligence and knowledge and, you know, that’s pretty tough to beat.”

Cincy Magazine

just published a feature article in its April issue titled THE RIGHT MANN FOR MAYOR? You can read it on cincymagazine.com.  It describes David as “among council’s most steady Eddies.  He’s levelheaded, a voice of reason – a slogan he used in his last campaign —  a constant.”