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Our beloved City has taken incredible hits in recent months with three out of nine members of council indicted on serious federal charges.  The highest priority for the next Mayor of Cincinnati must be to restore honor at City Hall.  We must institute safeguards which make graft, bribery and illegal conduct by members of council and any city employee as rare as possible.  Even more important, we must build on these measures to earn back the trust and respect of all Cincinnatians. Until we have done so, we cannot move forward in the ways which are essential.

About David Mann

As you know, I have served this community as councilman, mayor, member of congress and, most recently, as vice mayor and chair of the budget and finance committee. In this most challenging time of unrest and the coronavirus, experience and wisdom count more than ever before. Humbly, I believe that my years of public service have prepared me to be mayor in this particularly challenging moment. I ask for your help on this journey. If you can help with your time and talents, please contact me…

30 Garfield Place, Suite 920
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Mann for Mayor of Cincinnati Ohio

The Mann Plan: Lifting Up Black Cincinnati

The Urban League’s landmark report – The State of Black Cincinnati, TWO CITIES— documented the significant and distressing racial disparities which are a part of everyday life for Black Cincinnatians.  The Report details the continuing huge disparities in poverty; minority-owned businesses; life expectancy; infant mortality; education; childhood poverty; home ownership;…

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REFORM PANEL RECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORT – July 29, 2021 The Economic Development Reform Panel (“EDRP” or “Panel”) submits this Report pursuant to City Council Ordinance No. 384-2020. This ordinance provides the Panel’s mission: to study “the City’s development process” and “mak[e] recommendations. . . regarding best practices and…

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Westwood anti-violence forum

Pleas for city support at Westwood anti-violence forum

Pleas for city support at Westwood anti-violence forum   Things have gotten worse in Westwood over the last five years, residents told City Council members and police on Thursday night — and fixing the problem of recurring violence will require much more than arrests. Read more here…      …

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This city needs a steady hand now more than ever

Opinion: This city needs a steady hand now more than ever The past few years have been exhausting for Cincinnatians. The COVID-19 pandemic took loved ones from us. It shuttered businesses and destroyed dreams. Our children have been forced to grow up in a world where they were shut away…

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